XPatcher 3.4

Xpatcher - premire software patching and updatng tool for developers and clients (See all)
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Xpatcher - premire software patching and updatng tool for developers and clients. Xpatcher provides an easy way for software developers to organize, manage and distribute updates to their clients.
The Xpatcher procedure allows developers to easily capture the MMO-style of file patching.
Just drop the patch maker into any directory on your hard-drive and execute it. Xpatcher will create file lists, directory lists and modification date lists. Xpatcher then connects to your FTP site and creates an exact image of your development directory straight onto the FTP server. Clients can then run the client software that will 'patch' their installs and keep them up to date via the 'http protocol'.Xpatcher allows developers to control the status of their FTP download site, organize an 'update notes' list, set 'special announcement' bulletins and much more. The client application is fully customizable, displays a webpage and can work with any type of software imaginable. We are proud to offer with this product Free life-time updates and support!
Main features:
- Dynamic updates - from your harddrive to any FTP server.
- File compression - files sent to FTP are compressed using tight algo's.
- Security - Xpatcher encrypts and sets passwords for your patched files
- Customizable - professional looking client application.
- Control - total control on what goes out and what is patched.
- Distribute the client application 'license free'.
- Incrediably easy to use, drop, run and update!.
- Compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista x86/x64.Keeping your customers updated has never been easier, just drop Xpatcher into your developementdirectory, run it and let your clients stay up to date!

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